We can deliver them as a complete kit with rods and mast fixings or only the wire-antenna. 
The wire-antenna will always be tested 
All will have a center dipole connection (maximum 500W).

All calculations are done by EZNEC. On this web site you can find detailed information about these antennas.

If you like a certain antenna for a certain frequency and it isn't on this website let us know. 
We will do our best to design it.

Prices are exclusive transport- and PayPal costs or local taxes.

All antenna's will be delivered with photo manual and wire table.



Good morning Dave,


after a long nght with many many DX`s im very happy with this beam.


The Beam is as good closed at the back the SWR is very very good.  And im Very impressiv about the Bandwith ....they is enormously.

i dont must use my AntennaTuner.

Ant the handling is very well for mobile action in the fields



I had drive the Antenna in the fields of Germany about 400m sealevel and on a 9m Alloymast. it works fantastic and th probagation was not so good. Thx for your good Job...


Maybe in a couple of years i will buy a bigger Antenna from you. :-)


Take care Kind regards




Hola Dave: Ya esta puesta la antena en el tejado de mi casa y funciona muy bien, aunque esta un poco larga en fonia, en CW esta bien y con el sintonizador de antena no tengo problema. Le falta el rotor, ya lo compré y lo pondré mas adelante. La semana pasada hice un contacto con Los Angeles que con la vertical seria impensable.
Si fueses tan amable me gustaría que me dieses la medida adecuada para un dipolo en v para 40 M con un balun 1:1 y un cable de 1,5 de grosor.
Un saludo y 73 de EA7VV Juan.


Hoi Dave,

Ik heb alvast speciaal wat screenshots (cdk chat message)gemaakt over de resultaten met de moxon 4 element.

Hoe de moxon werkt kun je ook zien in mijn log van zondag als netcontroller voor Knight patrol.Zo kun je zien wat ik heb 
gewerkt in 2 uur, aardige log met heel wat landen... de log omvat 1 qsp en de rest allemaal zelf gewerkt.
Prima antenne hoor kijk maar even in de log van zondag hieronder.69 stations in de log.