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Moxon 2 element

The basic Moxon (2 element) antenna which can be build for 6,10, 11, 12 and 15 meters


Dimensions for the 10 and 11m version  are 4,0 * 1,5 meter, weight only about 1,0 kg, The gain is 6,0 dBi. The Front to Back is good, 34dBi, very close at the back. And a good band width. 10 and 11m can be on the same antenna.

Price for the 6, 10,11 or 12 meter : euro 120,- plus transport- and PayPal costs.  

Price for the 15 meter version : euro 140,- plus transport- and PayPal costs.  

For the total price, including transport, please fill in the form on contact and we will reply a.s.a.p.

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